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V 3.13.8 By CandyWriter LLC

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How to Download and install the Bitlife -Life Simulator Mod Apk 3.13.8( Free Download, Free Shopping)

  1. To Download the Bitlife- Life simulator
  2. First, you need to enable the option “unknown source”.
  3. Click the above link to Download.
  4. Save the file in your device to the Download folder.
  5. Now tap to install and wait for the completion of installation.
  6. Once it is installed then open the game and play and enjoy it.

About Bitlife  Mod Apk

I experience Bitlife  Mod Apk is a game that imitates life through player choice . Every choice has different experiences you face. According to choice you face failure and success. Even players can change their behavior according to the game screen. The player also becomes more possessive about their future. Download the game and keep enjoying it.

  • Bitlife Latest Mod Apk
    • The Bitlife game is the best game in the world with the latest updated version giving us a stream less experience which increases the charm of playing. Bitlife mod apk enhances the advancement of life simulation.
  • Bitlife Life Simulator
    • Bitlife is a game of life simulator where you can design your life according to your choice and improve your lifestyle. Even if you select your fate and make important decisions that lead you to a joyful life, it looks like a real word.
  • Bitlife astronaut
    • In Bitlife, becoming an astronaut takes too much effort; you can only achieve this field by some specific method with your character’s actions. 
    • It is very challenging to become an astronaut which demands much effort and focusing on your future and pays attention to your studies before you reach the moon. If you miss your focus and miss any point you do not achieve your Goal to become an astronaut This needs a lot of effort to graduate as an astronaut.
  • Bitlife age Rating
    • The Bitlife game is designed for at least 17-year-olds.In Google Play Store and Apple App Store bitlife is listed for at least 17 years old or older. This is because this game’s content covers mature lifestyle themes, sexual content, and also preference for alcohol and drugs.
  • Bitlife Challenges
    • Bitlife challenges are not suggested challenges but this is an official game.
    • Bilife game offers you some worldwide challenges done within a few times in a month on earth. Notification comes when challenges are upcoming or active . Players may complete any ongoing challenges by completing all the tasks. Once you complete your challenge your result is shown on the challenges tab. Where you see your rank.
  • Bitlife escape prisoner 
    • Trapping the guard behind the wall is key to escaping the prisoner. Trapped the guard behind the wall won’t be able to come closer to you. This can buy some space that can allow you to come out and achieve your goal. 
  • Bitlife online free
    • Bitlife’s free online game gives you the chance to enjoy all the joy freely without any pay. You experience all the delights of life and achieve your Goal without an expense.
  • Bitlife Premium apk
    • Bitlife Premium apk is the best-updated feature in which you can avail the chance to modify the most entire graphics Player also able to select their fate and future life through their entire action from birth.
  • Bitlife Hacks Apk
    • Bitlife Hacks apk increases the game interest with news unlocked hidden secrets of life simulation. Hacks increase the ability of management of life assets in a better way. With the hacks of bitlife, you become the boss of your life and career.

Table of Content

Decide your Density
Choice your future character directly by yourself
Unlimited Money
Unlimited free Shopping
Unblocked Bitizen
Unlocked All
God Mode
Boss Mode

FAQs About Bitlife Mod APK

Bitlife cost will be different according to items , helps, action and server suggestion . It will be different according to items Ranging from 0.99$ to 11.99$

The smartphone in your hand with 128 Mb so you can download Bitlife and successfully register the account as long you have Android 4.4 and higher so you can enjoy and explore the game.

Bitizenship is a perk that you can buy to upgrade a game like VIP.

Some of the Perks include

  • No Ads
  • Unlock some features from Bitizen exclusive
  • Unlock Bitizen Icons

As simple like other installation nothing Complicated .Just DOWNLOAD the game APKMODBIX and enjoy it.